Birth Date
18 / November / 1992
60 kg 104 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I want my future beloved to be kindhearted, attentive man with a good sense of humour. It would be great to meet an actice, happy, smiling person. I want to meet a man who is kind and attentive and who loves animals. She adores my chocolates so much. I have a lot of plants at home and i like watering and looking after them.

About my family

I can't think of a cheating in a good way. My future goals are Goals are different from passions and dreams. Twice a week I visit my dancing classes. I was raised in a typical Russian family. Also I like when everything is clean and neat, so I am paying much attention to the cleanliness on the house.

Domestic abilities

I like to make my home cozy, clean and tidy. I enjoy most of my duties. I just love cooking. Like every Russian woman I can do everything about the house. My relatives say the same discussing my flat. Always trying to cook if I have time. I don't like mess at home, so try to clean my apartment every day. I like when everything is clean and tidy fresh and nice, it creates special atmosphere of coziness at home. I love my house being neat and clean, so neither domestic chore is a drag for me.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am very calm and homey person, that's why I prefer to spend leisure time with my dear people - friends and family! I prefer to devote my free time to my beloved family and to my precious friends! :) I am not boring, I hope you will see that. In summer I like to swim in the river. I am also keen on cooking different yumminess - I use my Granny's recipe book. She is so good as her mom. She makes me feel happy and makes my days brighter.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is responsible and she has a good sense of humor. She can create a friendly and warm atmosphere around herself. She is a very laid back person and can take into consideration any other point of view. ) this lady is also very attentive, cheerful, energetic, she appreciates the family values very much! When you talk with her you feel like talking with your very close friend. She is the only one who will be in your thoughts and you will wonder how you have been living without her till this moment! This lady makes a good impression.

How would I describe myself

Also I am very kind and adore animals. I am very caring and protective when it comes to well-being of my family. I am active and open minded. Everyone tells me that I’m a good listener and very sociable. however, I think it would be nice to be lazy with the right man close -) Just miss somebody to share it with. I am kind, caring, creative, ambitious, reliable, witty and strong-willed. The only desire I have is to be happy and make one more person happy.

My typical day

I like to take the air, to play different games and just have fun. My typical day starts at 6 o'clock to wake up for work. I begin my day with morning jogging! My every day starts early in the morning. I work in a Beauty Salon. And this thing is my soul mate. The main thing is to set priorities correctly. My typical day always includes amazing and interesting meetings and events and adventures.

My future goals are

I take vocal lessons twice a week. I am a romantic girl, sometimes I even think I might be born in the times of Romeo and Juliet:) I appreciate good attitude towards myself and actions as well. I adore participating in different photo sessions, fashion shows and try myself as an actress. I was told there are men who love kids and who don't think that a child (or even three) would be a problem.

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