Birth Date
17 / March / 1994
59 kg 112 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It also helps me to relax and dream:) You know, it is not hard to find out whether this person is what i dream about or not . When people are loved they look happier. My life wasn't always easy and pleasant, but i always stayed strong and positive. As stendhal said: “love – a delightful flower, but it takes courage to step up to the edge of the precipice and rip it.

About my family

We try to find time to spend together, but unfortunatelly it works not always, as we both have busy life. My family is very big and it takes a very important part of my life, of my world. I am very pedantic person and prefer everything to be tidy. We are one team, we support and appreciate each other. I do not want to meet a Prince on the white horse.

Domestic abilities

It makes not only my mood better but also my son's. I like animals and plants and most of all I like to take care of domestic animals and pets and also I like gardening)) Especially planting flowers! Some people call it home routine but to me it has a positive meaning:) Best of all I like cooking, mainly baking. I also like to clean the house as I do not like home to be untidy, and I always try to keep my home clean, I very like to take care about the set up in my home, I always want to make it much more cozy. After that I take a wet cloth and wipe the dust off every surface in the house. I like to cook a nice dinner and share it with my family. I also like to make my home cozy and clean. It brings me a lot of pleasure to do all my home chores. :) I am neat and like everything to be in order.

What I do in my leisure time?

I'm very fond of skiing and as just I have an possibility I do it. I adore going to the cinema and theater. I am active person that is why I do not sit in one place. Must say this is not that fun to travel alone and of course it would be better to travel with a second half, but this will happen some day. I like to spend my weekend in a good company of close friends at cafe or at entertainment centre:)) In particular what I do is creating pictures from beads. I draw very often.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Olga is eye-catching woman. She is easy-going, smiling and womanly. I consider her to be a reliable and a strong person. This lady is very understanding. Her disobedient ringlets seem to be flying all around her creating somewhat fluffy image of her. She has a kind heart and is easy to get on with everybody and ready to help and to give a meaningful and worthy advice. Pay attention that the lady's native town is donetsk, so the meeting with her will be organized in some other city where we have branch office.

How would I describe myself

And I am ready to change that awful situation. I like to laugh and to put smiles on others' faces. I take vocal lessons twice a week. I prefer to spend my free time with family and my friends. I'm soft and gentle, honest and sincere, sexy and passionate . Despite I am a lady with a tender soul, I am strong enough to overcome life difficulties and always ready to face the problems. I'm looking for love and happiness. After our communication it will become two more happy people in the world)))

My typical day

Then shower - be ready to listen to my singing from the bathroom. My working day finish at 7 p. I like to go for a walk or just to go to the coffee-shop with my friends. Do you agree? I believe that nice walk helps to clear my mind, it is the best way for me to relax. I'm at home somewhere at 6 pm, if I don't go to the gym. I wake up, then prepare breakfast and after it go to the university. Each passing day will never be back to us and that’s why I always try to spend it usefully.

My future goals are

My future goals are I want to find a good father for my daughter! I don't like to speak about myself. I like to share my smiles with people and see that they are smiling at me back. I like also sport and pay a lot of attention to my body, that’s why I am fit.

Dating wheelchair

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