Birth Date
24 / March / 1982
48 kg 114 lbs
The type of man that I desire

For example, after doing my homework or when i come home from work i play a little bit with my kid outside or we go to the park, if the weather is nice. It was impossible to resist her charms. I like having rest outside, alone with nature, especially near the water. I have an interesting hobby. It's amazing to be filled with new impressions:)

About my family

I can promise you that you will never be bored with me and it doesn't matter what we do. Who is tired to be alone and looking for such a passionate lady as I am and won't be bored to get a lot of attention and love from me. I am only child. I was lucky to be born and brought up in a loving and supportive family. I was a dancer before, I have been also visagist for 15 years and now my biggest passion is riding horses.

Domestic abilities

I like cooking with my girl) Every time we try to create some new dishes. I also like to bake some tasty things for my son. :) I like to make my room clean because my room represents me well, I think:) I know how to take care about my family! It's not a punishment - it is the way to release my energy. -) My mom doesn't work somewhere now and she is a housewife. I really love to create something special in my kitchen and then spoil my family with some pancakes, or delicious meat, or a nice fruit salad. Of course, I need help sometimes about it, so, I do not mind if my future beloved helps me with it. I really like to cook.

What I do in my leisure time?

Sometimes I visit theaters and opera houses to progress and become more cultural than the day before. Just adore creating beautiful and individual handmade things using my fantasy). I just love when it happens to spend some free time with my friends and family. I like to take a hot chocolate, plaid and get away with book. But I always try to find time for resting and interesting things and try to develop myself! There are so many things I like to do: I prefer cooking for meeting friends and for my family. Also I do folk dances.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Will bring warmth, passion and cheerfulness in your life. Oksana is a serious lady who wants to make her beloved man happy and wants to do it very soon. We liked her very much and we think she deserves to find a nice man who'll make her truly happy. Caring, sympathetic, gentle, loving, with a big heart and good sense of humor. ) do not wait too long to get this lady's attention! When she comes to the agency office she brings chocolate bars or other sweets to treat us. With own aims, desires, views on life and priorities.

How would I describe myself

And that's why I joined this site to try my luck here. I believe that love and care can make this world better. I like the word Yes and I wish I could be like the hero of the movie "Always say Yes" and I truly believe that everything that happens, happens for reason. I like to have fun whatever I do but I am serious in the same time. I am ready to make a loyal, caring and loving wife. I have both weak and strong points in my character. I take vocal lessons twice a week. It can be a hand-made greeting card or a pretty layout!

My typical day

Then we have a trip to school and I go to my work. When I come back home, I have a dinner with my family, play with my cat and go to bed if I feel tired. Usually watch movies or TV and around the midnight walk with my dog outside. My typical day includes morning exercises with optimistic and energy music. :) It's the very time to get thoughts together and concentrate on the forthcoming day. I work as a secretary at the University and every day is different for me, full of various tasks and new people. I get up at 6 o'clock and go to take a shower. I like spending time in the fresh air.

My future goals are

My son is grown up already so I can let myself feel free and plan my day the way I want. I will care about my man and he will feel confident next to me. I would like to learn so many if I had the possibility :) I am a kind person.

Dating through menopause

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Dating through menopause