Birth Date
2 / March / 1985
52 kg 127 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I also have my grandparents and i should say i love and respect them a lot as they are those people who also gave me their attention and i've learnt a lot from them still being a child. I like to improve my cooking skills! I enjoy cooking and especially when my close people taste what i cook. Probably i would like to meet someone who is ready to become happy! I would be happy to travel and visit as much beautiful places as possible.

About my family

I will do almost everything for my man, he will always get what he will desire! Every day for me is like a gift - I try to spend it like it's the last day of my life. Right now there are just two of us, me and Evelina, my daughter in everyday life. When I was a kid I liked to spend all my free time at her house. I am so thankful she gave me such a good upbringing and education and I hope in future to have relations with my future husband which are based on trust and respect.

Domestic abilities

Also I have to walk with my dogs every day:) I like cooking, so it won't be a problem to become a wife, to take care of my husband, our children, work about the house and garden. I like cooking, baking cakes and cleaning my house. So, don't worry, dear friend, you won't eat just toasts and eggs every day-) I am a woman, so all home duties are mine such as cleaning, ironing, washing dishes and so on. I like to cook and I like to decorate my house to make it beautiful and cozy! Most of all I love taking care of plants. So, all the household chores are divided into 2. Being a woman I like cooking and my son adores my cuisine) I am not that naughty at what to do or not. I like to form and to keep everything in oder,clean and tidy.

What I do in my leisure time?

Also I prefer to go for jogging early in the morning. To tell you the truth, I don't like to watch movies alone and I hope that it will change soon…. In the evening I can visit a theater or a cinema with friends. Usually I read just for my pleasure. The main thing is that this leisure time was very pleasant and could become a very good rest :) Before, I was engaged in swimming professionally, now I just try to keep myself in a good shape, besides it is a very good way to relax. But of course, first of all I give my time to my family, my precious sons!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She seems to be a family woman at heart. A very creative person with kind soul, smiling and this lady knows what she wants and if she falls in love, she will do her best to make this relationship work. She is feminine but you can see she is determined and knows what she wants. It is very easy to communicate with her. She is willing to start a long-lasting relationship, she seems to be very committed. Lady has a big nice smile :) very nice, cute lady who amazed us with a bright, lovely smile and sense of humour.

How would I describe myself

I'm friendly, positive and romantic girl. I am sure that life can be bright and positive when your second half is near you. How can I describe myself? I know how it is to be hurt and betrayed already, but I haven't lost my hope to find true love. I like Orchids and roses. I am a very attractive and sensitive woman. I try to see beauty in simple things of this life and appreciate them. Any way I always do my best and know what i want from life.

My typical day

I also like walking in the evening, and when the weather is fine, I put on my earphones, turn on the music and go to the park. After work I like making a short stop in a coffee house on the way home, there is a place by the window where I like to sit and watch the streets being busy with people and cars. My typical day is rather an ordinary one) I wake up early and go to work. I want them to feel comfortable with themselves. Then I dress myself and go to work. My everyday life consists of work and raising my child. Also we like to watch interesting movies and making picnics or BBQs. And in the evening I always have a long walk with my dog.

My future goals are

I’m the one who does not believe that there are difficulties which we are not able to overcome. So, I don't want to wait, I am ready to make steps forward my happy future to my beloved one! My close friends say that I am a calm, open-minded, honest, reliable and responsible person. I try to find good in everything that happens.

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