Birth Date
5 / August / 1996
50 kg 135 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I also have younger brother, who is married already. About my family my family is not big, it consists of 4 people: my mother, my father and elder brother who is two years older than me. My future goals are as i came here, my future goal is to find a good man, create relations and in future - happy family with kids and love! I spent my childhood with grandmother in countryside. I am looking for serious and reliable man!

About my family

I love my parents and I try to visit them as often as I can. In the evening I go to gym. Singing is a part of my life. My family is small, but very friendly. I meet my son from school, give him lunch and then help him with home tasks.

Domestic abilities

Especially I like when everything is in order in my wardrobe. I am a good housekeeper. I like to make my home cozy and comfortable either for me or for my guests. :) Cooking is another thing I like as it helps me to relax after a hard day and at the same time to treat my close people with delicious meals (at least they are tasty most of the times))) Experimenting with recipes might be tricky of course. I take care of my home pet, it's a cat, sphinx, named Dysya, it has only five months and already so playful and interesting. That's why not only me should look neat and pretty, but my house too. I like the feeling when I come to nice, clean and warm house where everything could help me to relax after long day. Everything should have its place and every plate should be clean. Laundry?

What I do in my leisure time?

In addition to that, I Iike my work outs. I like nature and enjoying its beauty. I am a creative person and I adore art! I like music and movies. I have main aims in my life but we all need something that will help us to relax and fulfill us with positive energy. I am a real film-fan. I am really active)

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Ready to make a compromise and give pieces of advice! Very gentle, tender, feminine but at the same time strong and creative. Smart and very interesting lady who wants to create a real family. She lives in a harmony with herself and people surrounding her. It is pleasant to communicate with her. The lady is very attractive. This lady is very sweet and ready to be a good partner for a reliable man!

How would I describe myself

I love Spirituality Practices. It makes me happy when my friends and relatives are happy and when they are healthy. What can I tell you about myself. I am sure you will be impressed with my personality! I go to athletics-running for 7 years. ) Write me. I want to be surrounded by love and in return I can give much love to you. I am not a damned wretch who knows how to play with men’s hearts.

My typical day

When I wake up in the morning I like to stay in bed for a while, so usually I do not have much time for breakfast and my first cup of coffee is to be ready at work. I like enjoying tea. I think it is the best way to stay fresh for the whole day. I finish my work and go to the gym where I work with my body doing different exercises. I work in a Beauty Salon. I spend much time preparing for the entrance examinations. If the weather is wet or cold, I do my morning exercises at home turning music louder:) I cook breakfast and my sister makes coffee. I'm a very active lady and I don't like to feel bored.

My future goals are

I am cheerful and friendly girl. I am a positive fun loving lady. The only desire I have is to be happy and make one more person happy. I'm a sensual, energetic, positive, responsible and creative woman.

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