Birth Date
7 / September / 1992
55 kg 104 lbs
The type of man that I desire

We all are very friendly, and i always have good time when i come to the countryside to visit them. Also i like when man has a good sense of humor and positive mindset. Faithfulness, understanding and care should be immanent to him. I like to have fun and i always find time for it! I value loyalty a lot and hope to find the partner who i can always rely on, you will be my companion in all life adventurous .

About my family

He always supports me. Creating a family is one of my major goals, but I try to never rush things and enjoy life as it is. My sister is already married, so she lives separately from us, but we have a special ritual - we meet in our favorite cafe every Saturday. It is very comfy that my *office* is at home, thus I save a lot of time and I even go to gym a few times a week. I begin my day with preparation for work.

Domestic abilities

I even can screw a light bulb in and hammer a nail. Do you agree? while making this activity I can put my thoughts in order, it's a special way of relaxing for me. When I have free time I clean my flat and cook. As I do not live together with my parents, I have a lot of domestic abilities. Also I really like cleaning, I am very neat person and to tell the truth cleaning always calms me down and brings peace to my soul and to my house. I am sure that every good wife and every wonderful housewife has her own secrets how to make her husband and her family happy:) I have a good example in front of me:) I also take care of my parrot and my fish. I adore cooking. From all domestic abilities my favorite is cooking!

What I do in my leisure time?

I like nature very much and I try not to lose any chance to go hiking, camping and simply enjoy its beauty. I am sure, when I have my second half, all my free time will belong to him! I appreciate every free minute that I have! My passion is dancing and it is what I like to do all the time! My sister has a two-year-old son and sometimes I babysit him. We like to go to the cinema, zoo, circus and have picnics — it's a great opportunity to gather together, remember childhood and have fun. But sometimes I also enjoy be alone reading literature.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady is very charming and has a lot of good character features. Once you give her your heart- you will never regret about it. She has a son, but she would also love to have 1 or 2 more children and it is good for her future husband, because they will have common children together, if they want, of course. It is very pleasant to be in her company and she can light up the room with her smile :) She is easy-going lady with simple dreams to make her man happy. This lady can find a common language with every person, and she really likes to laugh. The lady is well-mannered and very feminine!

How would I describe myself

What can I say about myself? ' I am a kind and loyal lady, who is always ready to help and to give a good advice. Every day I work on my weak sides and my character helps me a lot. I am ready for a serious relationship and would like to find a man who is ready to create a family soon, too. The half of my life was connected with track and field athletics. I think that nobody in this world deserves to be lonely and I think that we all deserve to love and to be loved. I take a good care of myself and I am sporty. Love, find me, pleaseeee!

My typical day

My each day is very active and full of positive emotions! Most of time I spend with a camera, I really like the art and want to achieve a nice result in it! I work till the evening and then when I have free time I like to do different things. and I wish one day you will walk with me :) Whatever my Mum does, I always help her with that. In summer we travel a lot with our climbing team! When I wake up in the morning, I do some yoga exercises to get that amazing energy charge for the whole day. After work I prefer to relax or to cook.

My future goals are

I believe that love and care can make this world better. It is the part of my daily life. And especially I need one special man – Man of my destiny – to be of one mind with him but not to lose our own individualities. I am a sensitive and very tender woman.

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