Birth Date
6 / September / 1997
61 kg 117 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I'd like to find all these qualities in my future family also:) What i do in my leisure time? The one who listens, doesn't judge, and somehow makes everything all right in your life . The man i want to meet should be intelligent and educated. I also have younger brother, who is married already.

About my family

And I consider that I will do everything in this world just to make them happy. I adore singing. I want to get hot because of your tender hands. During the weekend I prefer to walk along the parks and city streets, or if the weather condition is not good, I go to the dance studio or swimming pool, where I spend time with a benefit for my health. I like driving, but I don't have my own car yet.

Domestic abilities

I like to cook, especially to bake tasty cakes and pies on special occasions or just to treat colleagues at work when I am in good mood) Of course I also do everything else: ironing, cleaning, washing. I have my own receipt of pancakes with strawberry mousse and borshch( Russian red soup). As every lady I like everything is which connected with making my home comfortable and cozy. I think every woman has her own secrets how to make her home special and cozy. I'm fond of cleaning the house as I like it when the house is cosy and clean! I like doing everything around the house. If you ask me what my favorite thing to do around the house is, I would say cooking, because I can put my creativity into practice there. It is not a challenge for me to clean the house or cook some meal but it would be a real pleasure to do it with my beloved. I do everything women usually do in their house - cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, doing the laundry, ironing, vacuum cleaning etc.

What I do in my leisure time?

For some people, leisure time means complete rest, in total silence and peace, but this is not for me. I have several good friends so we often go out of the city for picnics, visit each other at home and arrange dinners. If you know me even a little you may notice that I am very active person. I like to make him laugh and laugh with him. Also I work as an actress sometimes in crowd scenes, and once I even had role with words at the TV series. One of my favorite skill is drawing, so when I have free minutes I begin to sketch a new portrait. I adore biking, I use my bike as a transport in summer and it helps me to keep good shapes.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She loves children sincerely- she is trying to meet each new day in a good mood and to share this mood and high spirit with others. She is a very reliable friend and she will be a loving and caring wife. Miroslava is very kind, friendly and responsible person. Anya is a great lover of animals. Lady is wise, serious, smart and cheerful, she is very family-oriented and deserves to be happy. As more you talk to her you realize there should be something what makes you feel so comfortable next to this woman and you know there are no reasons not to trust her. Her behaviour is very natural, she is very out-going and likes communication with other people.

How would I describe myself

I am hard-working, responsible, faithful person. With pleasant energy which I want to share. I am active person and do not like to sit at one place. I'm independent but at same time I need my close people around me to share this amazing life with. I am lonely girl which is looking for her ideal second part! I am a girl in all meaning of this word. I take vocal lessons twice a week. My close friends say that I am a calm, open-minded, honest, reliable and responsible person.

My typical day

Then I go to work I work till 5-6 pm and then when I am at home I like to watch sport programs or read. When I have classes at the University I do not work, as there is no time for this. I often do cooking as taking care of my close people brings me joy. Return late from work, I feed the cat, and go to rest, sometimes I can watch a movie before going to bed. I spend there most of my time being busy with classes. Despite of tiredness I cook dinner, read a fairy-tale, make a bath for my little Princess (so I call my daughter Angelina) in the evening. When the weather is fine, I like to go for a walk in the end of my working day. Most of my days are devoted to work, I work from 8 in the morning till 5 in the evening.

My future goals are

As a person I consider myself to be a confident and strong personality. In any company I feel myself good and very comfortable. Very often people think that grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Well, I am not an ordinary lady.

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