Birth Date
4 / January / 1982
46 kg 129 lbs
The type of man that I desire

In the evening i make all necessary work about the house, help my son to prepare for his lessons or rest. Lady about herself people say i am older in my mind than in actual years. Sometimes we gather with colleagues to spend some time together. Loyalty and honesty are very important to me as these are the factors that define true relationship. I prefer healthy way of living and i want my man to follow it too.

About my family

I also want to have my own happy family! I believe in true love and know that there are a lot of good men who want the same. I spend much time in gym, because I want to have a perfect body! :-) My dishes are always very tasty and people ask for more! I am serious in my search here.

Domestic abilities

I'm very good in housekeeping. I am a mother and an older daughter in the family, so since I was little I took over all the home abilities. I adore to cook and this domestic ability nobody will take away from me. I like cooking. I like cleaning, cooking, washing and all other things that can be done for my sweet home. I always try to cook something new and surprise my family members with tasty dishes! Also I like to cook)) Like any other girl I can do everything around the house, but most of all I adore to buy some new things for the house to have it cozy. I like to find new recipes and try something new.

What I do in my leisure time?

She is my treasure. Everything I cook is very tasty! I also like sport and dancing. I devote my free time to my favorite hobby - visage! I'm always happy when there is an opportunity to dance! I'm fond of BBQ! I like to keep my body in a good shape.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Kind, cheerful and well balanced. This young lady is absolutely amazing. Her adorable freckles say she's a child of the sun! Yulia is nice, kind, loyal person. She is communicative and knows how to talk with different people! Anna is a very caring person. She is a very responsible, serious and smart lady with an intelligent sense of humour.

How would I describe myself

Maybe, one day we would add more special traditions together? I am a cheerful, optimistic, easy-going young lady. And I don't like dictators, because partners should be like one team, support and appreciate each other. But for me achieving what I strive for is the most important thing. I love this life, and I make this world brighter. I love my kids and there is never a day when I am not happy to be a mother. I was born under the sign of Sagittarius. I am cheerful and I am a believer in a better future.

My typical day

It takes me about half an hour. It is so great to be out so early when city is still half asleep and you can enjoy the silence around. I have lunch with my friends. In the evening I have a hot shower, prepare my home tasks for the University. After my working day I always come back home and have a snack or eat some soup - that's at about 6 pm my time. In the evening I take my kid home, work around house, cook a dinner, play, watch cartoons with my son and go to bed. Well it is not easy to say about typical day… maybe because every day is unique? I adore camping and I like to stay there for night.

My future goals are

And every page is a new topic. I am a quite energetic lady who has a kind heart and an open soul. Also I try to be organized all the time, because self-education and successful self-realization are impossible without considering the time of the day. I'm waiting for you.

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