Birth Date
10 / August / 1984
48 kg 117 lbs
The type of man that I desire

By the way, i am teacher of hip hop, ragga and lady dance:) I have parents, a sister, who is 3 years older than me and my beloved daughter. Lady about herself i would like to live in a world of love, peace and health. Happiness is my choice I'm sure we will find a lot in common with you!

About my family

Our personal opinion of this Lady Real lady - pretty, intelligent, successful and very positive! I don't like sitting at home and doing nothing. I have very kind and responsive parents and a smaller brother. Very often we go for a walk, spend time in the park or go to the country to spend a quiet day together outdoors. I like driving, but I don't have my own car yet.

Domestic abilities

I cook because I have to eat something--) It was a joke, but honestly I am not that big fan of cooking. It took really a lot of affords as I wanted to take part in every detail. I have many domestic abilities. :) I am not good at this, but I am improving my skills. I like to keep my house tidy and clean! I am a very creative person, so most of all I like to decorate my house, to change an arrangement of the furniture in my room a little bit. It's nice to divide domestic abilities and to have more time for enjoying each other's company. I like to do the domestic chores. I am trying to prepare something tasty for the whole family when I have much time I like to give a treat to them with something special and extraordinary.

What I do in my leisure time?

Sometimes I go to the cinema or the theatre but I also enjoy spending time in the open air, so everything depends on my mood! I like doing sports, extreme kinds of sports most of all, I like autosport a lot. I also enjoy going to the cinema with a nice company. They are my real treasures and I cannot imagine my life without them. We always make up something interesting. Of course I try to keep myself in a good shape and visiting gym, swimming pool, sauna and doing massage frequently helps me well in that. I like it, because sport makes me feel healthy and stronger.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is the one you will never let go. Anna is positive and energetic woman who will make her future partner a really happy man. She is a pretty, honest, romantic, creative and bright girl. Only from the first sight) after 15 minutes of communication she made jokes and was very open) Svetlana will inspire her man every moment! She is full of energy and she smiles a lot. She is good, generous person and intelligent lady.

How would I describe myself

I like to smile and enjoy every single day ! And I always want to move forward. Every minute I live brings me some new knowledges and experience which I always appreciate! I like to find the same man. I like everything positive in this life. I prefer to live active and healthy life. I’m the one, who does not believe that time passes by. They are example for me and I believe that in future I will have such a great family as mine.

My typical day

Also I like to jog sometimes:) But as you know each day can be different! I like relaxing after coming home. If it is warm outside, I like to have a pleasant walk in the evening and I like to dream about something while walking. I really love my job, that’s why I always come back home in high spirits. I work as a secretary and receptionist. My day starts early as I have to go to work in the morning. I'm an early bird, so I used to wake up pretty early. For about four years now I am vegetarian, and I feel myself really great in this way of eating.

My future goals are

I believe, that besides work and interests, it's very important to have a place where someone is waiting for you :) I am cheerful and friendly girl. I am a quiet person. I am a very warm-hearted and caring lady.

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