Birth Date
19 / June / 1997
60 kg 130 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I want to confess that i am not looking for an ideal man cause i know that all people have their pros and cons, but some features of character in my future man are quite important for me. We can discuss any problems and situations with her. He is 26 years old. I imagine my man as a kind person. I'm looking for a smart and mature man with a good sense of humour!

About my family

What I do in my leisure time? She is not afraid of changing her life. I miss him very much in my life. Unfortunately my father passed away, so this two people are the closest for me. Maybe I was a cute Japanese woman before, who knows?

Domestic abilities

I do everything that has to be done and it still brings me joy. I know many secrets how to make my dishes special -) I'm happy that the problem of cleaning up our house has never been a generation gap in our family. -) Fortunately my son is doing cleaning in his room by himself and I usually clean the rest of the rooms in our apartment. I don't like any mess in my room. I love changes in our apartment - to buy new sofa, or to change color of walls, to decorate it with flowers, or to change the light). I love changing things at my place, so I find it is an interesting activity. ) like chocolate cake or wonderful apple Charlotte! I have 2 cats and I like to take care about them.

What I do in my leisure time?

-) I adore family traditions and I spend a lot of my time with my relatives and close people…Who knows maybe one day you will join us -) One of my passions is traveling! Also I can knit. I adore singing but unfortunately I do not have a piano now. When I am not at my work (which is my main hobby) then you can find me cooking. My leisure time is devoted to communication with friends, reading, walking around the city, spending time outside the city closer to nature, going in for sports, developing of cooking skills, making my cozy and sweet or I can just be very attentive while watching nice movie with good plot or I would never refuse to sleep good in order to renovate my forces. When I hear the words 'leisure time' I immediately think about being outdoors, walking in the forest and having a picnic, listening to the birds singing and having fun with friends. When I have inspiration, I draw.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is talkative and clever. She will be a good wife and a good mother. Tata is very modern, intelligent, open minded, kind, good girl with strong character and very interesting many sided personality. She is very pleasant, nice. She is not this way. She knows what she wants from life and she makes steps to get it. She is truly an extraordinary case, with an exquisite sense of humor and charming smile.

How would I describe myself

I believe that the desire to be better with each day and things that you do to reach this goal is much more important, so I can say that I'm trying to be this better person. I am sure that it works both ways. I just want to prove it. I am a giving lady and my care, love, my all warmth long to be given. I take a good care of myself and I am sporty. I was told there are men who love kids and who don't think that a child (or even three) would be a problem. I'm a family-oriented, so I'm looking for the serious relationships. I came to find someone I can give it all to.

My typical day

I like to watch sunsets in evenings and have a short walk in the park before sleeping, as fresh air always helps us to feel good. Then I take a shower and go to the work. I'm busy all day long when I am not at work))Working about the house. Sometimes I can meet my friends or go to the cinema. After theatre I go to school where I work and train my pupils. After that we can spend free time together. Walking is very useful, and after long walk I sleep very nice. Night comes and cozy hugs of my bed are waiting for me -) I work as a software support engineer.

My future goals are

It's funny that my child's game has become my great hobby. I go to the gym regularly and work hard to be fit and healthy:) I like to enjoy this life. I am here because I am looking for a nice man who can change my life and make it even happier.

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