Birth Date
13 / April / 1986
55 kg 121 lbs
The type of man that I desire

My future goals are i am ambitious and determined. I want to give him all my love and care. I am looking for smart, polite, confident, cheerful and charismatic man who will always love, care about me, understand and respect me. Her sincere smile will disarm anyone:-she is trustworthy and kind. I want to find caring man, who will appreciate me regardless and in my turn i will appreciate him and respect with all my big heart.

About my family

Later when I moved to Poltava to continue my education they made everything to make me feel still loved and cared. They are both married now and have their own children, so I have a nephew and a niece. They say "other half", - yes, I am looking for my other half here, a nice match, the one missing in my life. We are very friendly, hospitable, ready to help each other and to everyone who needs that. My future goals are I hope to become the person whom I would be proud of: good mother and wife.

Domestic abilities

-) Of course I don't forget to put my house in order. Sometimes I like cooking, but that is not very pleasant to do only for myself, that is why I rarely spend time in the kitchen until I meet my second half. As I live with my parents, I try to help them to do all things about the house. I'm dreaming about little garden to decorate it with my favorite flowers. And when my home is clean it can be called my home. I like homemaking very much and I like to buy some nice things for my apartment that help to make it very cozy. I adore cooking, most of all baking. Ok, I will tell you this right now. Will you help your wife?

What I do in my leisure time?

It gives me a lot of positive emotions. But most of all I enjoy being on the nature so, I value every minute when I can get a good rest on the dacha. When I have free time I like to read, to go for walks, to cook and also to meet with my close friends and family. I like sewing and binding! Me and my mom, who are living together (because I don't want her to feel lonely), cook some delicious meals and then all three of us can enjoy lovely food and interesting conversations. That’s why no wonder that I enjoy shopping-)! (I mean natural beauty!

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Always smiling and has some good words for everyone. And it is almost impossible to see her sad. A very friendly girl. There are plenty of topics she can discuss. We find this lady very kind, intelligent and responsible. She charges people with optimism and enthusiasm by her frank and charming smile. Very nice, kind and intelligent girl, with serious intention to become a good wife and a mother.

How would I describe myself

I think that I have a good sense of humor. I am an optimistic person. I want to be the only one for you in whose eyes you will see the beauty of the sky :) Love, find me, pleaseeee! And I am ready to give my heart to the person who deserves it. Why not! I am afraid of loneliness because it is very important to know and feel that somebody loves you and really cares about you. I am hard-working, responsible, faithful and goal oriented person.

My typical day

Then full of morning energy and shining like an orange sun I go to work. I come to school with a good mood and always eager to share it with my kids. But I try to give myself a chance joining my favorite hobby on the lunch break. After work sometimes I go out for a walk with my friends. My days look quite simple. I have a very interesting and creative work, so in the morning we drink coffee and share our new ideas, news. I work all the day long. Keeping myself fit brings me a lot of pleasure and I always get up a bit earlier in order to have time for myself.

My future goals are

I'm a positive and easy-going lady and I like to meet with my friends, to spend time as much as possible with my children and relatives. I consider myself as an active lady. I am sure that I will never seem boring to my man, and I will never stop amazing him. Always and everywhere!

Dating for ladies

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Dating for ladies