Birth Date
21 / April / 1990
56 kg 127 lbs
The type of man that I desire

If you are that man i will be very happy to start serious relationships with you Things were created to be used. Then my parents decided to move to ukraine. I believe in love for a lifetime, but i haven't found it yet for myself. I believe in true feelings between man and woman as they are meant to live in couple)

About my family

Very often we go for a walk, spend time in the park or go to the country to spend a quiet day together outdoors. They are both elder than me. I can say that we are a happy, friendly family. -)What I do in my leisure time? Now I am an adult person and have a wonderful son so I hope he will grow up in such a family as I did.

Domestic abilities

Sometimes we even cook together. I am not sure how it is happening, but I think that the secret is in trifles. And I need a good man for whom I will do everything. So, keeping my house clean I'm always glad and ready to welcome people at home. I do all the household chores: I clean my flat, do the washing up, cook food and wash the dishes. It makes me calm, and I love that atmosphere around me. Also i like decorate my house to feel myself comfortable in it)) It has never been a problem for me to clean my flat, because I accept it as an active rest and not like the tiresome duty! I live alone, so I do all domestic chores by myself:).

What I do in my leisure time?

I go on training for belly dancing. I try to spend my free time efficiently and pleasantly -) So, I go to the gym three times a week with my friends. Also, for my cultural development I like to read books, because, as for me, they are real evidence of the time they were written in, of the people of that times. I wish to impress my future man with my wonderful dishes. I suppose that every activity should have use and result. Who knows what happens when love is in my heart. Unfortunately I cannot devote so much time to it as I would like.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Beautiful girl. She never pretends and never lies. The lady is very attractive. But after some communication we noticed that she is very nice and positive. Lady is a bit shy but very tender and sweet. She is very serious in finding the right man for her! Very nice and pretty lady, who's thoughts and intentions are very serious.

How would I describe myself

I am a very gentle, soft, caring and domestic girl. Seems like not much to wish for, but what a hard task! One day I dream to see Italy! I think they develop closed abilities of your body. I think I am a kind, open, sincere and understanding lady. I think that it is the most difficult part of the whole dossier if I can call it like that. I am very honest and I will NEVER lie to my future beloved man. I am quite active and sporty, I like keeping fit and spending my free time outside.

My typical day

My morning always starts with a cup of coffee because only coffee helps me to wake up and and get energy for the whole day. I get up, have breakfast and then go to work. I don't like when my apartment is messy. They always wait for us and I love this event. )) On weekend I can visit my parents and spend some nice time with them. For many years I work as a manager in the pharmaceutical industry. I get up at 7 o'clock, because I work and study at the same time. I can't imagine my life without cinema and theater.

My future goals are

I think that I am a good and trustworthy friend and I hope soon I will find a man who will wish to see me as a loving wife and a passionate lover. I'm an open-minded and friendly person. One day I dream to see Italy! I am honest and sincere and like to communicate with the same people.

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