Birth Date
11 / November / 1985
48 kg 122 lbs
The type of man that I desire

His appearance should be simply pleasant to me. Discover her life and secrets no other men know :) But i will try my best to make each day of our common life happy! I am happy to have my cousin, she replaced me my mom, and all my life she has been helping and supporting me. My parents are wonderful and i know that i can share everything with them.

About my family

I think my family is an example of good values and how people should support each other. My sister is married and has a nice little daughter. I never sit at home and do nothing:). She is very talented and her *works* are real masterpieces. I can say the same about my son.

Domestic abilities

I adore cooking! I think, a clean place is that one where you do not make a lot of mess :) I am a tidy person. We have a golden rule - if I cook I don't wash the dishes -) They are washed by the person who didn't cook. I do all the domestic abilities by myself as I love my house and I do that all by myself. I like growing plants very much. About my domestic abilities, I do everything:) I like ironing and looking after the flowers. I write down interesting recipes or look for them through the Internet. I am not sure it is really so, but I know my man will never starve with me-). Meals that we used to eat every day not only perfect but have a nice view on plate.

What I do in my leisure time?

I am fond of sport, that's what gives me strength and energy. I prefer various activities which I find quite interesting for me. Being very active I enjoy my life very much and I hope that someday a nice man will join me to enjoy our lives together! I often spend time outdoors. On vacation I like to go to new places, because I enjoy traveling a lot. I want to impress my man with my dishes. So sometimes my parents and I go to the country, we live in the tent, prepare something delicious, to sit near the fire and to talk a lot-))

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She dreams to have a happy family, and to give all her energy, soul and heart to her dearest people. Olena is very communicative lady and has a special sense of humour. That she will make everything to make her dreams come true! She is a nice optimistic lady who is ready for building her own family She is truly an extraordinary case, with an exquisite sense of humor and charming smile. Tata is very modern, intelligent, open minded, kind, good girl with strong character and very interesting many sided personality. This lady is a talented artist but she is so modest that she'll never cut a dash.

How would I describe myself

I would like to see the world without violence. That's why health and happiness of beloved people is the most important for me. My friends often call me the life and soul of the party, with a good sense of humor, although I may sometimes be kind of shy. I am not materialistic and I am not selfish at all. I am a romantic girl, sometimes I even think I might be born in the times of Romeo and Juliet:) I appreciate good attitude towards myself and actions as well. I am very reasobable and try to think over all my decisions well. I enjoy spending my time with friends and family. As for my strong features of character, I value and cherish them.

My typical day

There are many patients who tell different stories and teach me something new every day ! I live quite away from it thus it takes me about an hour to get there. I usually get up at 6:15 in the morning. After breakfast and all the preparations, I take my daughter to the kindergarten and go to the work, and after spending around 8 hours there, I am in a hurry to take my treasure back home, cook the dinner together making mess in the kitchen and then watch her falling asleep in my arms :) After that I have some little time for myself to relax, read something nice or watch a movie. After work I cook, spend time with my kids and go to gym. Usually I go to sleep late, such a habit I have. Of course I have lunch at work but sometimes I have many lessons and I don't have time for lunch. My typical day is rather simple.

My future goals are

I don't like any confrontation and I don't like to make things complicated. I dream about a nice family and I hope my beloved man will help me to make this dream come true. I dream about having the romantic dinner with candles with my future husband. But sure, I have much good qualities in myself.

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