Birth Date
28 / February / 1989
56 kg 137 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I do not want to make the list of features i like or dislike because it is relative. I adore making surprises for my friends and invite them to drink some tea with cookies and put some prediction inside for the next day or weekthis text will be replacedsee her fascinating movements and charming smile. We must share our interests and i must feel he gives everything to me without demanding anything in return. I appreciate kindness and tenderness. We support each other in different life situations!

About my family

I just need a soul mate, who will help me to enjoy this life :)Lady about herself I am fun and easy going. I'm the only kid in the family. Then I read something and fall asleep. My family consists of my parents, my brother, me and my sister. If I arranged a dinner for two (for my beloved one and me), I would cook beef with cherry sauce, Caesar salad with chicken and baked breads, and chocolate brownie as dessert.

Domestic abilities

I make clothes for me and my friends. I have some. I love cooking and also enjoying delicious meal. As far as it home concerns I like to do absolutely everything because woman should keep home sweet and neat. I like to cook Borsch and Vareniki. There is nothing I do not like doing about the house, because I like it clean and fresh. My son and my daughter usually do cleaning in their rooms by themselves. Men and Women are defined by different metrics. I know, than not everyone prefers this kind of indoor plants, but they are very beautiful.

What I do in my leisure time?

I like to arrange the little trip on weekends, to see new peaceful places of Cherkasy region))). I am fond of yoga, I try to be in a great shape always. I like nature and camping. and to enjoy the film and each other :) I am also a caring mother and try to spend free time with my son, just talk to him, walk and play with him and be the best person in his life! Watch some movies or just to have fun) But sometimes I think that my life isn't full because I don't have my second part, my beloved man, and that's why I'm here. We can go to play bowling or to dance a little bit.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

The lady is very active, friendly and goal-oriented. Luda is a mature and caring lady. When you see her smile you understand that life is wonderful! Likes to be active and improves herself. She is graceful as a cat. Alena is an amazing young lady with strong family values! When you see her your mood is becoming much better because she is so positive all the time.

How would I describe myself

And at the same time I have a good sense of humor and that is why people who are near me, always laugh and in a good mood. Very supportive and caring person, family is very important for me. I am a simple, positive, kind and loving person. I have always been compassionate, and I treat other people well. It will help me to reach my main goal in life. Also I go in for sport, I participate in competitions in bench pressing. This is the only one aim I have at the moment. I adore surprises and I like to do them for dear people and friends.

My typical day

I like to go to the play yard with my nephew, I like to meet my sister) In the evening I have my dinner, watch TV, search in the internet or just paint. After morning shower and breakfast I go to work. I like to dream while I am walking and I imagine how it would be great to walk with my beloved man hand in hand! I like to read something before going to bed because I have more colorful dreams then -) :) Cinemas, theaters, museums, exhibitions, walking around the city or out of it - all those things are essential parts of my life, because I am a very active lady and I love to learn something new and interesting. I never feel bored when I am with them :) My work starts about 8. During the day I do nails for my clients and talk with them about different things:-) After that I take my daughter home and we have dinner together.

My future goals are

I treat people with respect and always try to find only best traits in people. I never give up and I always do everything to achieve my goals. Also I love tennis. When I fall in love I will never betray.

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