Birth Date
10 / March / 1989
49 kg 134 lbs
The type of man that I desire

He should know what he wants in this life! I like going in for sports. And also i like to walk :) I disapprove of bad habits- my ex-husband drank too much alcohol so i don't really like it. I am proud with hero scarlet o'hara because she is an example of strength, pride, courage and bravery in a fragile female body.

About my family

This is a lady with deep mature thoughts. Also we have a cat and she lives with us for almost 16 years. My family is not very big, just a typical family: Mom, me, my elder sister. He studies at school. Our personal opinion of this Lady Lubov looks very nice and pretty, but inside she is a strong, wise woman who knows what she wants from life and what man to wait.

Domestic abilities

Home is a place where you relax :) and have a rest from the people,noise and daily rush. But I so miss the man next to me to treat him with my best cuisine. Usually I like to do a lot of household chores. Oh, my cookies are famous among my neighbors by its smell :) I like sweets especially cakes and biscuits. I do everything I can to make my house cozy. When you have a child, you are used to doing everything by yourself. I can admit I really like cooking. I like doing everything around the house because while doing my domestic chores I have a chance to think.

What I do in my leisure time?

I try to go to the gym and to keep myself in a good shape. I am keen on sport and go to training 5 times per week. I like to go to the cinema, eat out, visit my friends, walk around the city, go shopping. Sometimes I walk in the central park, it is very beautiful over there, I hope that one day I will show this wonderful place to my life companion. I look to the sky and talk to God. Trying to be in a good shape. In the evening I prefer to be with family because I love them so much.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She would like to share her life with an interesting and reliable man. Real, serious, intelligent man with big heart, she is waiting for you! She is very polite, a bit shy, seems a bit reserved, but quite confident- well-mannered. Very inviting look. She is tender, loving and such a type of ladies who really were born to become good wives. There's always a beautiful smile on her face and it really charms. She has an open heart and tender soul.

How would I describe myself

I am a very organized person, I try to do everything in time and to plan my future. Then I usually go to gym on fitness or yoga! I want everybody in this world to find his true love, I want each child to have father and mother. I like Orchids and roses. I'm purposeful blue-eyed blond, who knows how to love and care. Sometimes I may look very shy, but I always try to be sincere and I hate hypocrisy and lie. I am a giving lady and my care, love, my all warmth long to be given. I am always polite and attentive towards people surrounding me.

My typical day

My work is very interesting, but nervous. I cannot tell that I'm an early bird, but usually each my morning starts at seven o'clock because of my children that are my alarm clocks)). Then do some grocery shopping, and when my mother can stay with my son, I look for a job or meet friends in the evening. Then I do some things about the house and go to work. While I am looking for a work of a teacher I am working as a waitress, and sometimes this work requires me to stay late. Walking is very useful, and after long walk I sleep very nice. I try to spend each day with a benefit to myself and to the people around. It takes a lot of time.

My future goals are

It’s all about me. I am young, motivated and talented lady. I am very sensitive, too. I think that the quality that makes me different from the others is that I always try to develop somehow.

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