Birth Date
22 / August / 1986
58 kg 118 lbs
The type of man that I desire

Salsa is my favorite dance. Watch this video for free Also i like to cook something special to please my family. We can go to the park or go shopping. My future goals are i think the fact that i am here is already telling you that i am dreaming to find my special man and to create a good family together with him.

About my family

So I love to cook very much and all my friends say I am very good at this field:) I love home plants and it takes some of my time every day also. I believe in love and I would like to show my man every day how much I love him. My father passed away 2 years ago. No matter what I do, I like to be surrounded with my friends or family, I try to escape loneliness. I was raised in a loving and supportive family.

Domestic abilities

))) Well, to tell the truth I am not a fan of wiping the floor. My family and friends love my dishes very much. I usually do cleaning, washing up and always take care of my home pets, I feed and walk them. I live by myself so all the household belongs to me. They make me feel calm and comfortable. I like to do the work about the house. :) Especially I like cooking. Of course my son is my first critic :) but usually he likes all my dishes and says my food is very tasty :) Many serious diseases can be caused by the dust and dirt.

What I do in my leisure time?

I grew up in the place with fresh air and beautiful landscapes I love to read, as I consider that the person can get some experience needed for life through reading books, especially classical ones. I dream to visit many places and I hope that I will find a man with whom we will explore all that places together. I learn English. I like baking pies and cookies, too. I like to dance and to sing and on weekends I sing in the church choir. I am very active kind of person.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

This lady likes jokes and she always has a good mood. It seems like she has a fire inside and we feel energy that comes from her heart. She is a very serious and family-oriented woman. She is cordial and pleasant, but at the same time she's confident and strong. She appreciates family values and knows the way how to make everyone around her happy) She smiles a lot and emits kindness and warmth. From the first sight she seems very serious but when you start to communicate with this lady you will find out that she is very funny and positive person.

How would I describe myself

I am interested in languaged and I like my native one. I do believe that despite the age a person is as old as she/he feels, don't you think so? I am a direct person and I say what I think. I like life and people. I am a person who will never betray because I think, that when you love someone, you don't need anyone else! So that, I can say I am proud that I'm looking a bit younger :) I am honest, kind and cheerful! I am a good mother, I thinkā€¦I like to meet new people) I am an easy-going and positive person) I am a lady who was heartbroken and who is looking for her destiny. I want to have relations we could never forget :)

My typical day

Then I go back home, cook dinner, talk with my kids while we are eating. I used to wake up early, but I like to stay in bed on weekend longer. It wakes me up finally. I try to add bright emotions to my life. Sure, I clean the house on weekend, cook and raise my child but in general my typical day can be different but it includes my work. Its difficult to describe my leisure time in general, as I try to make it different and interesting:) I like running, jogging in the mornings, I like to go to the gym, do fitness. In the evening I get home, make a dinner, do some housework, take relaxing bath and go to bed to watch movies or read a book. i like my work and my co-workers are very nice people.

My future goals are

I believe in feminity and my passion is to help to other people. I am sincere, open, honest and pretty woman. Being open and communicative means broadening my mind and my views on the world. In any company I feel myself good and very comfortable.

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