Birth Date
2 / September / 1996
57 kg 131 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I am ready to surround my beloved with care and love. I always start my day with taking a shower, drinking a cup of hot tea and of course cooking breakfast for my children. I want to make women irresistible. I'll do everything possible to make the life of my family full of colors, love and joy. I like to spend my time at beauty salons, it helps me to look excellent and to feel like a beauty :)

About my family

I have always paid much attention to him. I do hope it will be bigger in the nearest future. What I do in my leisure time? And of course, like every woman I like shopping:-)My future goals are Well, while i am alone I would like to have a good work that would help me feel myself independent but my main goal is to create a strong and happy family with my beloved. I was lucky to be born and brought up in a loving and supportive family.

Domestic abilities

I try to make something tasty on every holiday or family gathering. I think that even routine work can bring pleasure in case you do it with love. I clean, wash, and do everything to make my house cozy and comfortable to stay in. I like cooking. I do almost all home errands. It seems to me that nice-looking and bright room can lift my mood. No dirtiness, just tasty smells and my cozy small flat where I can do whatever I want. My friends say that I am quite a good cook and my home is always very clean. At the moment I have a doggy.

What I do in my leisure time?

That`s why I will try to create my own family nest for my future family! I am enjoying this feeling! I love traveling very much. I have many intersts and hobbies, and I always try to stay occupied by doing things that I enjoy. Sometimes, sitting in the park I like to sunbathe, to breath fresh air and enjoy life. I like to keep healthy and active life style! I am active person.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

We wish her to find her beloved soon. She has great sense of humor and with her beautiful smile she brightens everything around her! Just very sincere, charming, smart, goal minded and kind lady. Confident, independent and full of energy young lady with strong goal to create family. She is graceful as a cat. She is very graceful and delicate, each her movement shows her female nature. It is a very positive person and she is responsible.

How would I describe myself

I am cheerful, sensitive, love life and pets. I should say that it is hard task to describe myself but I will do my best to do that. Something else I think you should know about me is my love to singing. :) I know who I am. I take vocal lessons twice a week. What a life will be without friends and family? I am not a troublemaker and I am not supporting argues. I'm adult woman, I had not very good experience in relations, I'm divorced, I was disappointed and hurt greatly in my life, but I decided to leave my past apart and to start new life and move forward as I think I deserve to be happy and I will be happy.

My typical day

Of course I can’t just spend my day without seeing my friends. So I wake up early in the morning and start my day with morning exercises and a glass of water with lemon. After work I like to spend time with my friends or simply at home, cooking something tasty, reading a book or watching TV. I hope that it will be sunny, warm, and full of good news :) Than I take a shower, have my breakfast, and go to work. Every day in my life is filled with many things and differs completely from the previous one. Then I like to have a nice talk with my children and to hear about how they spent their day. During such boring days I never lose opportunity to travel somewhere. I'm very positive person.

My future goals are

I am cheerful and friendly girl. I am a person who takes the best from life! I chose to treat other people the way I wish to be treated. I like so much to dance and sport occupies a great part in my life.

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