Birth Date
1 / January / 1998
53 kg 108 lbs
The type of man that I desire

I want my man to have goals in life. I want to have simple happiness with someone ordinary and average, i am not waiting for a prince in shining armor. On holidays we all cook some delicacies and try to make a big table for all of us and to drink a bottle of good domestic wine, to dance and to go out for a stroll. What i do in my leisure time? Similar ladiesonline

About my family

But I don't give up on love! We are very similar in our perception of life and in personalities. I want to find such a man who puts the family on the first place. He always asked me about some advices or help and I am very happy that there is trust between us. I believe in true love and know that there are a lot of good men who want the same.

Domestic abilities

But I think I will do this if needed. Everything must be clean and in the proper order! Usually my mother is busy with work or taking care of my younger sister so I do all the household chores, but I like it. I even know all about babies and taking care of them as I was always there for my sister when she had a baby. -) Isn't it wonderful to learn something together? My favorite flower is iris. Still, life isn't only about routine! -)I also like to iron clothes and to do some chores. I also like to decorate my house and to bring something beautiful and interesting in - different flower and photo frames and statuettes.

What I do in my leisure time?

On weekends I visit my parents. I can't imagine my life without an interesting book. Now I also spend a lot of time for learning English as I know that it is important for me and my future-)))) It is also important to spend a lot of time with close people so I can dedicate the whole day to my family! I like sea and I love to spend my free time at the seaside. I wish I could do it with my beloved man! I really love nature, so camping, hiking, walking… everything what is connected with nature means a pleasure for me.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

Before doing something she thinks twice. Lady seems to be self-confident and open-minded. Lady has a wonderful smile. Her smile shines always and there is a spark in her eyes. Lady is fun and has good sense of humour. We are sure she is very special and sweet lady. She knows what she wants from her life and how to live it happily.

How would I describe myself

This sport has so much passion. I dream to take pictures of my own family and future children for family archive. Because when I see people's smile, only then I am happy person! I like to motivate people. I'm a goal-oriented, kind and loving lady. I'm a calm, steady person. I am very romantic and sensitive and I am a very tender and caring person. Now it is time to make one more step to my destiny.

My typical day

It is really easy to describe my usual day! After the University, I go to the fitness or to the gym to keep fit. When I come home I try to spend as much time with my family as I can no matter whether we are just watching TV or talking at the cup of tea. I adore to write poems about love, people around, about everything that impresses me every day. My evenings I love to spend with friends, or just read some interesting book or watch movie. Do all stuff to turn into the Beauty :-) And after all these procedures I feed my cat and eat my breakfast)) When everything is done, I can go and brighten this amazing world with my smile --) Then a bus. Then I take him to school and go to work. My typical day is an active day.

My future goals are

to smile :) and to make other people happy :) I am an altruist by nature, I love to help others. When I fall in love I will never betray. Especially in the company of people that I don`t know very well. Maybe sometimes I can be a bit slowly and calm but I never do quick decisions!

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