Birth Date
1 / June / 1982
56 kg 130 lbs
The type of man that I desire

It would be great if he is understanding, tender, patient. I think it is important i can run it anywhere. And there are huge amount of sad events in this life. I would like to realize my potential. I also like, when guy has some piece of romance in his soul - i don't need dinners with candles or flowers every day, but i want my man to be tender and caring with me.

About my family

It helps me to feel the taste of life and my presence in it. She is very active and easy going person. Domestic abilities My domestic abilities are to clean the house, to cook, to water flowers, to take care of pets. :) I spent my childhood together with my elder sister in the village. It is a small town, very nice, with sweet people living there.

Domestic abilities

My son and my daughter usually do cleaning in their rooms by themselves. It totally depends on my mood! I like flowers a lot and I like to take care of them. And he is my pet and taking care of him is my domestic responsibility. I really like to take care of someone. I clean almost every day! I hope that you will be glad to try my dishes someday. I adore to cook recipes from different world's cuisines. I can cook but it is not the favorite domestic ability of mine….

What I do in my leisure time?

Sometimes it is very pleasant to dive under the blanket and enjoy a good movie or dissolve in the romantic atmosphere while listening to amazing song using headphones. Sometimes I visit galleries, museums or theaters but most of time I just like to spend with friends and have fun. I am keen on reading a lot, I have about 200 books at home. I like to spend my free time with my friends and my family. I am fond of pole dance. I like reading, cooking and spending time on nature`s laps. Also, for my cultural development I like to read books, because, as for me, they are real evidence of the time they were written in, of the people of that times.

Our personal opinion of this Lady

She is a very polite and positive lady, who dreams about wonderful family! This lady is very optimist, always smiling. She wants to build a shelter and she will do all her best to be happy with her future husband. Has a good sense of humour and a romantic soul! She is smiling and positive! She is a very polite and positive lady, who dreams about wonderful family! Victoria is very positive lady!

How would I describe myself

I should become less self-critical. I just want to prove it. I'm an open person, who is always ready for adventures. I believe in soulmates. I want to live my life fully and I will find any way for it with my man) I prefer books to movies because I can use my imagination to picture the events from a book. I am very sweet, easy going, kind hearted, smiling, calm and positive lady :) My favorite books are The Hunger Games and Gone with the Wind.

My typical day

After work, my colleague and I go to the gym. :) As I have 2 dogs and 1 cat I feed them, play and clean their houses:)Then I go at work! Also we try to learn English together. Maybe it’s surprisingly, but I like to devote some time to physical drill in the evening. So after exercises and a light breakfast, I go to the work. My typical work day starts with a crazy sound of my alarm clock, but at weekends I don't put on an alarm clock for so early time. I get up at 6 o'clock in the morning. It's very important to do what you like.

My future goals are

I know that this world is full of opportunities and we just need to give a hand and to catch it. I am ready to make a loyal, caring and loving wife. I will go till the end and I never give up. I work as a nail master in a beauty salon and I like to make people more beautiful.

Blind dating summary

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Blind dating summary